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From holistic health advisor to wholistic self living!

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Episode Description

In this episode of Monkey Business, I am thrilled to be joined by Janey Lee Grace: top BBC UK radio presenter also on UK Health Radio.

Her Alcohol-Free podcast and Sober Club community is changing the face of sobriety as something that is accessible for all - from the sober curious to those who have tried and failed to kick their addictions before. Talking on the day after publication of her new book Happy Healthy Sober we discuss her five holistic health books and how her first book – Imperfectly Natural Woman – published 15 years ago knocked the Da Vinci code off the bestsellers list in the most unexpected of ways. Janey also shares how she trailblazed holistic health hacks at a time when it was not seen as mainstream Plus:

how she helps others to do and be the best they can be as that is the rule for herself

that all health changes and improvements have to be realistic, affordable and easy and this dictates all the advice and expertise she shares

how from a different background – with no safety net or prior experience - she went into a world of leading Pop and broadcasting in London in the 80s